Frequently Asked Questions

Free to find dockage - or one time flat listing fee to list your dock (No broker fees!)

Answer: is a service to help boat owners locate docking for their boat and to help dock owners rent or sell their private boat dock space, slip, or marina dockage.

It's absolutely FREE to locate dockage for your boat. You can search boat dock listings.

If you are interested in renting or selling your dock space or slip, you can post your dock listing. To get start, create an account at to get started
Answer: It's easy. Just click on the Find a Dock link on the navigation bar (at the top or bottom of any page). Pick the country you would like to search. Then select the state/province, and all of the dock space listings in that state/province will appear.
Answer: If you find a dock listing that interest you while searching, you can click the 'Show Details' link to view detailed information on the listing as well as contact information for the person who listed the dock.

It is YOUR responsibility to contact the person listing the dock, using the 'Contact Information' displayed at the bottom of the listing.
Answer: Listing a dock is EASY. All you have to do is create an account at Once you crate your account, you will have access to the 'Account' section which will allow you to post and manage your dock listings.
Answer: Listing fees start at a one-time $49.95 dollar charge for a 6 month basic listing. Other companies charge expensive broker fees and take a percentage of your sale or monthly earning. At, you pay just a low (non-recurring) flat fee per listing.
Answer: No. We only accept Credit Cards as a method of payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). If you have trouble using your credit card, please contact us.
Answer: According to our experience in the past, as long as you don't allow liveaboards, which may require special zoning, you should not have a problem with your local government. We have yet to hear of any legal problems from people who rent their docks, but if you would like legal assurance, you should contact your lawyer.
Answer: Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use